Thursday, November 12, 2009

Top Three Green-Living Tips

My family is slowly integrating into going green. The more we read about going green the more we want to go green.

My Top Three Green-Living Tips are as follows:

1. Reusable Shopping totes. Every time I go shopping I grab a few of the reusable shopping totes/bags to take with me. They're very handy and sturdy. We use a small portion of plastic bags for our small wastebaskets around the house.

2. Recycle Pop cans & bottles. We always return our pop cans & bottles to the store to recycle them. And we also get paid .10 cents for each can or bottle that we return.

3. Recycling Newspaper. We take our newspaper to my children school to recycle them and help support the school.

We're also integrating the following tips:
*We are using stainless steel water bottles instead of regular water bottles.
* We are in the process of switching over to all energy efficient appliances and light bulbs.

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