Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Xpad Slim Laptop Cooler & Heatshield Review

One of the most common complaints that we read or hear about is how laptop users are burned by overheated systems. And I just happened to fall in this category. I would mainly use my laptop on the desk or table to prevent from getting burn. I had the opportunity to evaluate the Xpad Slim Laptop Cooler. And let me tell you how impressed I was. I laid the Xpad Slim Laptop Cooler on my lap and then put the laptop on top of it. I was impressed on how sturdy it was and also how my laptop stayed in placed the entire time I was using the Xpad Slim Laptop Cooler.

The Xpad Slim is a universal fit design that will accommodate laptops with up to 17 inch screen size. For small laptops (i.e. 13 inch screen size), the wider Xpad footprint will allow you to comfortably use your laptop on your lap without having to keep you legs tightly closed or having the edges of the laptop dig into your lap. The Xpad size is wide enough for comfortable use but slim enough to fit into your laptop bag along with your laptop.

The Xpad uses no fans as it utilizes 100% passive cooling! Fan-based laptop systems

can be noisy, damage your latop's USB port, and interfere with the natural airflow intended for your laptop cooling system. The Xpad Slim is a laptop heatshield that keeps your lap cool for an indefinite period. Its unique thermal insulation air pockets built into its ABS composite structure makes the Xpad Slim the ultimate laptop heat shield.Lastly, the Xpad Sim also features a Non-slip surface. In order to experience the comfort of a non-slip laptop on your lap you need to try it for yourself. The rubber ‘X’ top will keep a tight grip on your laptop so that it stays put even if you don't.

This will definitely be a good holiday gift to any laptop users in your family.

If you would like to make a purchase or want more information regarding the Xpad Slim Laptop Cooler, please visit their website.


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