Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Ten Great Tips For Creating A Fun Family Vacation

Family travel (by vehicle) is also an excellent opportunity to spend time together, bonding and creating great vacation memories. Here are ten great tips for creating a fun family vacation
without all the distractions:

1. Travel games, activity desk or have the children bring their favorite book to read. You can also print out games for the road trip. Children, especially little ones, can not sit as long as adults and have shorter attention spans.

2. Don't forget the Camcorder or Disposable Camera. Captioning the family fun on video would be great memories for years to come. Treasure your time together and take lots of pictures.

3. Make sure the hotel/resort is kid-friendly. When going on vacation as a family, make sure the hotel/motel that you stay in cater to your baby/children safety as well as adults.

4. Take plenty of baby wipes/towelettes. No matter how old your children are.

5. Plenty of Snacks and water (other drinks, i.e. juice). A variety is the best option. Children love to choose their favorite snack to eat.

6. Have a change of clothes on hand.

7. Create an ID for each family member.

8. Create a Tour Guide Prior To Traveling.

9. Take your first aid kit and medical supplies. In case of emergencies.

10. Take An Emergengy Road kit. Also don't forget the electric air compressor (plugs into the cigarette lighter).

So how do you make a family vacation fun with without all of the distractions? Click on Twitter Moms and share with us.

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