Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Single Mother Looking for Safety

Written by guest blogger Lexi Wagner.

As a single mother, I worry sometimes about the safety of my home. I basically live alone, with the addition of my little one who I want to protect at all costs. I have set up various measures to ensure our safety and help me feel safer and comfortable in our home, especially at night.

The first thing I did is put bars on all our windows, with a couple windows being free to open with a simple button in case of fires or emergencies. This way I know that no one can break in through our windows since it will not be possible to get by the bars. The other thing I did is install a Missouri home security safes that gives an extra layer of protection around the house. Now I am able to sleep at night, knowing that my home is protected against burglary and attacks.

My family is protective of me as well and since they do not live with my son and I they look after my safety as well. The ones who live close to me will go out of their way to pass my home on their way to and from work just to check on things out. They have also purchased a dog for my son’s 1st birthday that we keep in the backyard during the day to help protect our home.

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