Wednesday, September 15, 2010 Promotes Greener Gift Giving

About (From their website): provides their users with immediate access to hundreds of retailers' virtual, electronic, and online gift cards and gift certificates.'s goal is to offer their users "kiosk-like" usability with unparalleled selection and speed. promotes greener gift giving by offering our users a plastic-free means by which to give and send gift cards. The manufacturing of plastic gift cards wastes valuable resources and causes destructive gases to be emitted. Plenty Magazine, a leading resource for sustainable living, reported that each year plastic gift cards account for 75 million pounds of discarded Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC). PVC is a toxic substance that contaminates water supplies. Furthermore, EPA studies showed that exposure to PVC puts people at increased risk of liver damage, reproductive and developmental health problems, and cancer.

Do You Know......

  • According to Plenty Magazine, each year 75 million lbs of PVC ends up in landfills due to plastic gift card waste.
  • In a 2000 report issued by the EPA, studies found that exposure to PVC puts people at an increased risk for liver damage, reproductive and developmental health issues, and cancer.
  • PVC cannot be recycled along side other plastic household products. Instead, it must be mailed directly to one of the rare PVC recycling plants such as EarthWorks.
  • Placing PVC gift cards in the recycling bin with your other plastic items risks contaminating the entire batch of recycled goods.
  • Countless resources are wasted producing, packaging, and shipping plastic gift cards
  • Giving virtual gift cards is an eco-friendly alternative to sending traditional plastic gift cards and can be done so from the comfort of home.

  • Help Spread the Word:

    Right now are running a Movement to Greener Gift Giving and working to educate people on the harmful effects of plastic gift cards and what we all can do to reduce our gift card waste. If you would like to take part in this movement & help spread the word, please click here to go to their Facebook page. And let them know that Naddez's Goody Corner sent you.

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