Wednesday, October 6, 2010

How Powerful Is The Temptation To Gamble?

This guest post from Werner Rogers

Going to an annual business meeting in Las Vegas is not out of the ordinary. Actually, if you don't work for a company that has their annual meeting in Las Vegas, you will be missing out on some interesting experiences. Then again, that company is actually pretty intelligent, but only if you're a salary-based individual. If you're a commission-based individual, your company would be wise to hold their annual meeting in Las Vegas. The reasoning is simple. Most people who travel to Las Vegas lose a lot of money. That being the case, that person will be behind on bills or at least behind on spending money after visiting Las Vegas. In order to recapture that money, they're going to have to work their tail off. In other words, if that company holds their annual meeting in Las Vegas, they will be indirectly motivating their employees. This is somewhat of a clandestine operation, but a successful one nonetheless.

I am one of those commission-based individuals. And I'm speaking from experience. I lost 1/3 of my total income in Las Vegas last year. I was not a happy individual. That's why once I set my Security-Choice home security alarm and head for the airport this year, I will be buried in my favorite Bill Bryson book. The temptation will be there, but Bryson is entertaining enough to hold my attention. Worst comes to worst, I'll go to a show or something. But there's no way I'm hitting that blackjack table again. Craps if anything, but doubtful.

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