Monday, November 29, 2010

10 Tips For Stylish Layering Techniques For All Occasions

Michigan weather changes constantly. We could wake up to sunshine and it could be raining by noon. Therefore, wearing layers of clothing could be essential, at times, in the state of Michigan. I would like to share the creative, stylish ways you can add layers to your wardrobe.

10 Tips For Stylish Layering Techniques For All Occasions:

1. Invest in basic neutral colors- Neutral colors includes: black, brown, white, and gray. You can wear one of the neutral color shirt as the underlayer shirt to build upon the layer.

2. Body Type- You must see what works for your individual body types. Try on different looks/styles to see what suits you best.

3. Leggings- Leggings are so hot now! I have seen people wearing leggings with long shirts(knee-hi length), oversize sweaters. You can even buy legging jeans now!

4. Buy tank tops & stretchy shirts- Buy smooth and/or ribbed shirts to go with almost any outfit.

5. Mix & Match the Items In Your Wardrobe- Layering allow you to mix & match the clothing that's in your closet. Update your last season clothing by mixing & matching.

6. Buy Cardigans- Invest in cardigans of different lengths and textures. Cardigans could be worn all year round.

7. Sweaters & Turtlenecks- I know a lot of us do not wear turtlenecks, including myself. My teen told me that turtlenecks are "so obsolete." Add a sweater dress over a pair of skinny jeans with a sleeveless cardigan for an easy fit.

8. Invest in a high quality leather or trench coat- You can wear a trench coat all year round and leather 3/4 of the year. Each coat can easily go over jeans, dress pants, skirts, dresses, etc.. for a quick style.

9. Add a Vest- Put on a vest over your shirt or turtleneck and then add a blazer (over the vest) with a pair of jeans or dress pants/skirt.

10. Visit the Fashion Website- Go to the various websites to gather ideas about how to make your layering look stylish and cute.

As you can see, there are so many ways in creating stylish layering techniques without going "broke." Do you have any tips for stylish layering techniques for all Occasions?

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