Saturday, June 18, 2011

Ten Tips For New Moms Who Are Bringing A Baby Home

Having a new baby arrive in your home could be joyous as well as overwhelming. Here are some tips to help you & your spouse out with the newborn.

Ten Tips For New Moms Who Are Bringing A Baby Home

1. Every Baby Is Different- Get to know what your baby likes & dislikes. What worked for Aunt Mae's baby might not for your your baby. Each baby is truly different in their own special way.

2. Don't Refuse Help- If a family member wants to come over to assist you in any way, don't turn them down. Have different members come over, to do chores, is a great stress releaser.

3. Get Your Rest- While the baby is sleeping take a nap or at least lay down and rest your body. The night feedings, changing diapers continuously, etc.. can become exhausting. You can also sleep or relax when another friend or relative is tending to the baby.

4. Making Decisions- I know a lot of people want to give their advice & tidbits regarding your baby. But remember this, you and your husband or boyfriend needs to make decisions based on what is best for your baby.

5. Diaper-Changing- Do not turn your back on your newborn when changing him on the changing table. Always have one hand on the baby at all times when changing his/her diaper.

6. Prepare Yourself- Make sure you have plenty of diapers, clothing, baby wipes, etc...that will last for at least several weeks after the baby come home. Why? Because you would be changing diapers & clothing continuously.

7. Baby Have Sensitive Skin- Do not wash the newborn clothes in your washing detergent. Their skins are sensitive. Use baby products (Dreft, Johnson & Johnson) for the newborn.

8. Take Pictures- Make sure to have a camera handy at all times. Newborns have a way of making cute faces when you least expect it.

9. Visitors- Have a bottle of hand sanitizer readily available for the visitors. Have them use the sanitizer or wash their hands prior to holding the baby.

10. Use Lysol Products- Use Lysol products to help keep your home clean from germs. Lysol wipes are perfect for spills, to wipe down baby furniture and much more!

I hope the tips that I provided will benefit you in some way. Comment below if you would like to share your new moms and/or new baby tips.

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