Tuesday, July 12, 2011

How do you advance your business without sacrificing time with your family?

How do you become a successful business woman without sacrificing time with your family, especially time with your husband?  I would like to share 4 Tips with you:

1.  You MUST balance your business life and your family life and keep both separate from the other.   Family should be first in your life.  Work out a way to spend equally time with your family as well as your business.

2.  When you're with family, turn your cellphone off.  Spending time with your children and/or spouse is valuable.

3.  Plan Your Work Week In Advance.  By planning your work day ahead it will help eliminate wasted minutes throughout your work day or week.  Please include commitments with your children's extracurricular activities and with your spouse/friend as well as other important commitments.

4.  Eat Healthy & Exercise.  Yoga exercise will help reduce added stress and increase your energy level.  And it's always crucial to eat healthy so your body will not crave the proper nutrients it needs. Lastly, take your vitamins on a daily basis.

If you would like to share your tips, stories, etc.., please do so by leaving a comment.

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