Monday, October 17, 2011

The Camry Effect, Share Your Story {Toyota Camry Owners}

Toyota has launched Camry Effect, a website which aims to collect personal stories from Camry owners by asking simple questions.  If you have a Camry and would like to take part in the Camry Effect, please click here.  I created my Camry Effect.  Click here to view it.

Today’s Camry is assembled in America and uses more than 75% North American parts–more than any other car, foreign or domestic, making it the most American car on the road.
*Camry ranked No.1 on the 2011 American-Made Index as determined by the editors of

Engine modifications like performance air filters and aftermarket exhaust systems can actually improve fuel economy, helping conserve gas and shrink carbon footprints.
*Results may vary per modification or vehicle.

Using lighter wheels reduces a Camry’s weight and can help the vehicle accelerate and react quicker, contributing to safer roads for all on a daily basis.
*Results may vary per modification or vehicle.

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