Wednesday, October 19, 2011

[Repost] : It's Hard To Be Fit

Guest post written by my buddy Keith Kramer

Staying in shape is really important to me and I have always loved to run but in this weather that’s easier said than done down here in South Carolina. I recently made the jump to signing up for a gym and let me tell you – it’s the best money I ever spent! I go every day during the week when I get off of work and I feel like I’m really getting a good workout. They’ve got a lot of great cardio machines and all the good www.TVbyDirect.Com satellite channels on the TVs so sometimes I find myself walking for nearly 2 hours just because I’m so zoned out after a long day at work! I love having the time to think and running inside really helps keep me cool which is nice because I really just couldn’t get in as good of a run as I wanted to outside this time of year. It’s actually quite dangerous as well to be outside when the weather gets this hot so it’s a good thing.

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