Monday, January 23, 2012

My Shout Color Catcher Review~~A Revolution For Your Laundry! Try It Before You Buy It! Get A Free Sample

I finally had the chance to try the Shout Color Catcher product on last night.  I had a couple of samples of Shout Color Catcher in my laundry cabinet for months prior to me putting it to the test.  I honestly didn't think that I had clothing in my light/color load that was going to bleed.  I followed the instruction, precisely.  The Shout Color Catcher Sheet reminded me of a dryer sheet but a little thicker.  Once the cycle was completed, I removed the Shout Color Catcher from the load and was shocked!  To my amazement as well as my husband, the dye and dirt came out on the Color Catcher sheet and not my clothes!!  And the colors in this load looked brighter & cleaner.  I'm SOLD! :)

I showed my husband the "used" Color Catcher sheet and an "unused" Color Catcher sheet.  The difference was like night & day.  I used the 2nd Color Catcher sheet in my load of towels.  The same results.  I would be adding this product to my list of laundry products.

About Shout Color Catcher:
A Revolution For Your Laundry!  24 Dye-Trapping, In-Wash Cloths. Shout Color Catcher is specially designed to work like a sponge. It absorbs and traps loose dyes in the wash, safely locking them away so they can't redeposit on other clothes. Shout Color Catcher keeps clothes looking vibrant and new, wash after wash. Now you can mix colors in the same load. Saves you time and money! Allows you to mix light, medium, and bright colors (greens, khakis, blues, and blacks). Keeps colors vibrant and brightens your whites. Works well on all fabrics, at all temperatures and with all laundry products.

Another Use:  After using it in the washer, I used it as a towel to pickup lint from my Washer & Dryer.  A great lint collector! :)

Receive a FREE Shout Color Catcher Sample and try it for yourself.  And don't forget to visit their website for more information about this product.

Disclosure:  I received samples of the Shout Color Catcher from SC Johnson

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