Friday, March 30, 2012

$5 Off Mommy's Magic Kit from Bella Tunno! Offer Ends 04/02

The first-of-its-kind mom survival kit designed to make messes vanish and meltdowns disappear, Mommy's Magic Kit from Bella Tunno contains ten products in a reusable, fit-anywhere silver metallic clutch:
  • Bella Tunno Disposable Bib
  • Bella Tunno Disposable Placemat
  • Bella Tunno Disposable Multi-Purpose Pad
  • Bella Tunno Disposable Potty Pad
  • Sargent® Art 4 Count Crayons
  • Mommy's Magic Kit 3 x 6 inch notepad
  • Pampers® Kandoo® Foaming Travel Hand Sanitizer (1.7 Fl Oz)
  • Pampers Kandoo® 10-Count Travel Flushable Wipes
  • Band-Aid®
  • Imagination Station Game Cards that help to foster conversation, fun and imagination.
The simplistic design makes the kit (10" x 6") functional for diaper bags, purses, glove compartments, beach bags, or anywhere mom needs to keep a few tricks up her sleeve.
Bella Tunno is offering $5 off it's Mommy's Magic Kit today through Monday, April 2. (Kit retails at $20.) No April Fool's joke here... this is the kit all moms will want to have on hand to make messes vanish and meltdowns disappear. In addition to some of their wonderful and fashionable 'neccessories' the kit features two of your favorite Pampers Kandoo items.
Please order from their website.  Use coupon code: mamasnofool.  

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