Friday, September 9, 2016

Your Brain on Naps ~ How Naps Can Benefit Your Brain and Your Memory

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My Mother used to make my siblings and I take naps all the time.  I was too young to understand the significance of taking naps, but one thing I did know without a doubt, was that I hate taking naps because it took time away from playtime with friends. Now that I've grown and matured, I welcome naps, even short ones. 

Do you take a nap throughout your daily activities?  What do you do when you're too stressed or too tired?  Having a solid nights sleep can be beneficial to your brain and memory.  Taking naps, even short naps (cat naps), have important brain benefits!  According to studies, the recommended time for a short nap is between 20-30 minutes.  Taking short naps provide significant benefits such as:

1.  Improving your performance

2.  Increasing alertness

3.  Minimizing the feeling of grogginess

4.  Will not interfere with nighttime sleep

5.  Saving money on caffeine products

Just to name a few.  Remember, finding 20 minutes in your busy day to rest your body can pay off.  Another study showed that even a 6 minute nap improves memory function.  Listen to your body and rest.  

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