Saturday, October 1, 2016

Pictures of the "Back To School" Giveaway Prizes & A "Thank You" to the Sponsors!

Good Afternoon, Readers,

I wanted to share pictures of the fantastic prizes, that I won, from the "Back To School" Giveaway at, facilitated by Sara!  I promise Sara that I will take pictures. Yay!!

The prizes covered most of my center island.

I want to THANK the following Sponsors for the fantastic prizes! :

Finders Key Purse
Red Baron Pizza
Triple Flip
Violet Love Headbands
Little Miss Matched
Tangle Creations

Go Raw and Birch Benders
Toy Package from ChizComm

Master Lock
Extraordinaires Design Studio Deluxe
Scent Bursts and Scent Sticks
Fresh Wave
Rollers Game
Zing Bars
Texas Instruments
Para’kito Bracelet Mosquito Repellent

Have not received prizes yet:

Picture Keeper

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