Sunday, November 20, 2016

Our Beloved Ringo Passed Away Late Last Evening From Cancer #furyfriendsownersunderstands


Our 12 year old doggy, Ringo, passed away from cancer late last evening. Ringo was a Doberman Pinscher/Australian Cattle Dog mix, whom we gotten from the shelter in 2006. We were told by the volunteers at the shelter that Ringo was approximately a year old.  However, my husband and I felt he was somewhat older.  He was house-trained, knew tricks and commands, and was a very likable, intelligent and brilliant dog.  We believe because of the "herd" instinct he had, we couldn't never keep him fenced in.  Ringo would always find a way to get out the fence to roam the neighborhood and once he completed his "tour" he will return to the gate or the front door wanting to come back into the house. In addition, Ringo would always try to "herd" us, by poking the back of our leg with his nose, when he was on a leash.      

Our doggy gotten his name from the volunteers at the animal shelter. They told us that Ringo would always sing (howl) when he did not want to do something.  I truly thought Ringo was half human at times.  For instance, he would argue with us (in his doggie language) and most times get the last say.  Ringo loved to walk and run in the woods, chased and bark at the wild life. loved the walks to the mailbox, love to work (i.e. he would pull my hubby and the trash cart to the end of our driveway and stop before reaching the road), love being around us but most of all remained loyal and protected his family until the end.  Our love for him was unconditional as well.  

Our beloved Ringo would be greatly missed.

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