Wednesday, November 16, 2016

PBS KIDS: Premiere of the New Series "Splash and Bubbles" & New Wild Kratts Special “Creatures of the Deep!” on November 23, 2016

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While relaxing with the family this Thanksgiving break, tune in to PBS KIDS for the premiere of the brand new series SPLASH AND BUBBLES, followed by a new WILD KRATTS special “Creatures of the Deep!”.

The newest animated series from The Jim Henson Company & PBS KIDS, premiering Wednesday, November 23rd, takes kids on an ocean adventure, filled with humor and engaging storylines geared toward curious young minds. Using groundbreaking Henson Digital Puppetry technology, the series will help children learn marine biology and ocean science concepts while building social-emotional skills. Through the adventures of the relatable and diverse characters of Splash, Bubbles and their friends, kids will also develop a connection to the sea.  
Before the premiere of SPLASH & BUBBLES, join the adventurous Kratt brothers as they take on an underwater mission to explore the Deep Sea, and discover the challenges of the vast sea. Martin, Chris and Aviva must decide as a team what’s truly important when they reach the last creature frontier. Combining fun and real-life knowledge, WILD KRATTS teaches kids science using an encouraging, laugh-out-loud approach.

Episode Descriptions & Premiere Dates


Premieres November 23; streaming November 23-December 22

Aboard Aviva’s newly designed Deep Sea Explorer, the Wild Kratts team ventures to the last creature frontier – the deep sea. The challenges of the deep are many, and when ultimately they are forced to make a decision, the Wild Kratts must decide what is truly important.


Premieres November 23, 2016; streaming November 23-January 16

Additional new episodes premiere throughout the week of Thanksgiving:

“I Only Have Eyespots for You/Double Bubbles” – premieres November 24, 2016

“I Only Have Eyespots for You” – Splash sees a beautiful fish go by and instantly wants to be its friend, but whenever he tries to talk to the fish, it ignores him. He and his friends soon learn the fish has false eyespots on her back and had no idea they were trying to talk to her.

“Double Bubbles” – description above

“Cleaner of the Kelp/How Bubbles Got Her Moves Back” – premieres November 25, 2016

“Cleaner of the Kelp” – While playing in the kelp forest, Splash, Bubbles and Dunk meet Tidy the Garibaldi Fish, who is the self-appointed Kelp Forest Ranger. Tidy has been taking the kids’ shells as they play in the forest because he likes to keep everything clean and tidy.

“How Bubbles Got Her Moves Back” – Bubbles injures her fin and has trouble swimming, but still wants to move around, so she begins trying all of the methods that other creatures on the reef use to move.

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