Thursday, December 15, 2016

PBS Kids: New READY JET GO! Episodes Throughout The Week of December 26th!

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 Ready to join Jet and his friends for a week of all-new intergalactic adventures? New episodes of READY JET GO! will air throughout the week of December 26!

Designed for kids ages 3-8, READY JET GO! teaches young viewers about astronomy, technology, scientific exploration, innovation and invention. The series features live-action interstitial with NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory astrophysicist Dr. Amy Mainzer. The new episodes focus on learning about Mars, the Center of Earth, satellites and more!

New Programming

“Sunday Drive” Parts 1 & 2
Premieres December 26
After the Propulsions download their new version of their saucer dashboard operating system, things are out of whack. Their test drive to Mars – usually a simple trip – is complicated by the new dashboard. They zip to Venus and Saturn instead… and then finally land on Mars, so they think. They’re actually in an Earth desert, Mars-like at first (hot, red soil, lack of water), but soon they realize where they are. A desert vs. Mars comparison is made. Before heading home, the family decides that the old, dependable saucer operating system works just fine for them.

“Diggin’ Earth”
Premieres December 27
The kids try to dig into the Center of the Earth (a la Commander Cressida), but after finding out that the center is much too hot and the layer of Earth leading up to it is solid rock, they re-vamp their plans. They decide to become the kids to dig down the deepest into the Earth. Learning about the layers of the Earth inspires Jet to make an Earth Layer Cake.        

“Mindy’s Mystery”
Premieres December 27
Mindy can’t sleep one night, having been kept awake by a sweet, strong smell from outside. Sydney, Sean, Jet, and Sunspot become detectives and try to crack the case of the sweet smell. At the same time, Mitchell is investigating what kept him up last night – a very bright “annoying” light.  In the end, there’s a common source – the sweet smell was from a nocturnal flower, the Moonflower, which only blooms at night, after sundown. And the bright light was from the Moon!

“What’s a Satellite?”
Premieres December 28
An Earth-orbiting “telecom” communications satellite breaks down, and satellite TV service in Boxwood Terrace stops working. Three people can’t watch their favorite shows and consequently get very upset. Jet decides to fly up to space and see what the problem is with the satellite, and hilarity ensues.

“Satellite Selfie”
Premieres December 28
The kids learn that they can use links to different websites to see a satellite view of their house. Mindy notices that Jet’s house is not in the image. That’s because these images are from sometime over the past 2 years, and not live images from space. With Dr. Rafferty’s help, the kids identify the next time a satellite will pass over their neighborhood, and try to gather for a “space selfie” next to Jet’s house.

“Space Junk”
Premieres December 29
After learning about space junk, the kids are determined to help do their part to clean up their “space neighborhood.” They meet up with Uncle Zucchini, a long-time galaxy garbage man! Using Bortronian technology, they start a cleanup.  During the course of the day, our kids learn that recycling is necessary both on Earth and in space!

“Scientific Sean”
Premieres December 29
Jet is fascinated by Earth paper airplanes when he watches Sean casually fold one. Jet suggests that the kids challenge each other to build the plane that will fly the farthest, and still carry the payload of a message. Sean wants to use the Scientific Method to solve the distance/size issues.

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